Holiday Photo Sessions are Back! 


Did you have to rummage through your old photos or get a family photo with that 3-sec delay button on your phone last year? Great news! This year, it's safe to take family photos in studios again! Your relatives and friends can't wait to get a personalized card from you. Our photos will also look great on your personalized holiday gear and gifts. 



What do we offer?

Holiday photo sessions!



How do they work?

You will contact us and schedule your time and date for the session, pay a $50 deposit, come to our beautiful home studio. We will spend 40 minutes taking your pictures, and you will have 20 minutes to choose your favorite ones to be edited. Receive your photos in an online gallery in 5-7 days or pay $20 extra per image for the expedited service (they will be ready on the next day).



How much are the photos? 

The deposit for your session is $50, and it includes one photo. With a minimum purchase of 3 edited photos, they are $50 per image. You choose the photos you want right after the session. 



Where is the studio located?

We are located in the Finn Hill area, Kirkland, near St. Edwards State Park, in the Greater Seattle area. 



What should we wear? 

Wear what you are comfortable in (red and white will look the best), we have some Holiday PJs available for you to wear during the session and we have a Santa costume available as well! 



How will my photos look like? 

We have two beautiful setups to choose from, and they will depend on the day of your photo session. 

"Christmas House" setup - let us know if you want Santa to come and take a photo with you. You can also bring a gift for your child that Santa will gift to him or her. And if you kids tell our Santa what they want this Christmas, we will make sure to pass you the message. All children will leave with a candy cane to bring a smile to their faces. 

"Holiday Baking" setup - come have fun pretending to bake some cookies for Santa. Let the camera capture your sincere smiles and laughs, children leave with a bag of cookies that they can offer to Santa or eat by themselves!

We live in a diverse community, so Hannukah photo sessions are also available upon request, contact us!   



How can I pay? 

We accept a variety of paying methods: cash, credit cards, PayPal, Apple, and Google pay.



Can I do my photo session elsewhere? 

During the week, we would be happy to take your photos on-site, in Rhododendron or O'Denny parks. Contact us for pricing. 


When are the sessions happening? 

"Christmas House" Sessions will be happening on November 6th and 13th, and "Holiday Baking" sessions are coming up on November 20th and December 4th. Ask us about photo sessions during the week. 



How do I schedule my session? 

Contact us!

Find us at [email protected] 

We are on Facebook and Instagram!

Leave us a message at (425) 477-9997


Can't wait to see you!